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Difference between INNO-A and INNO-A 2024

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Wider Wheels:

The wider wheels provide better stability, especially on slippery roads, making your ride safer.

Sturdy Suspension:

The improved rear suspension enhances comfort, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable ride, even on bumpy roads.

More Powerful Motor:

Upgrading from a 500 to a 600-Watt motor increases torque, making it easier to tackle steep hills and challenging terrain.

Mode Selector:

The mode selector feature allows you to choose between different speed settings. Mode 1 for 15 mph, Mode 2 for 20 mph, and Mode 3 for an impressive 28 mph for off-road adventures, which is not for public road only.

Quieter Startup:

The quieter startup noise enhances the overall riding experience, reducing noise disturbance.

Battery Options:

The INNO-A 2024 offers two battery options. The lithium battery version is similar to the original INNO model, providing a retractable battery for convenience. The lead acid battery version offers a more affordable alternative, 400 cycle vs 800 cycles.

INNO-A 2024 Serie E-bike

INNO-A E-bike