About HMP Bikes

Our Why
We feel the endless effects of climate change. Hotter days, record-hitting wildfires, natural disasters on the rise, the list goes on. Still, effective and environmentally friendly products have been difficult to obtain. These days it can feel impossible to take a step away from fossil fuels.
So we decided to drive the change. Founded in Davis, California, HMP Bikes aims to globally deliver sustainable and affordable last-mile transportation. We envision a world where the air is cleaner, the weather is better, and being eco-friendly is also pocket-friendly. As it should be. Because our customers' best interest guides us every step of the way, our products are built to be innovative, long lasting, and protective of the environment.
With the help of an experienced and field-leading supplier, HMP Bikes has overcome obstacles to make the switch to electric more attainable. We are committed to a compromise-free approach to step away from fossil fuels and towards clean transportation.
How do we make our approach compromise-free? By skipping the wait time, high prices, and limited specs. As a last mile business that gets to directly work with our valued customers, we bring you top-tier products, outstanding customer service, and affordable prices. This is how we make environmental responsibility attainable and enjoyable. Whether you are a cruiser, commuter, dasher, student, or anyone looking to revolutionize the way you transport, HMP Bikes has your back. Hop on this zero-emission ride with us towards a cleaner tomorrow.
Crafted for Quality

Designed for your journey now and the road ahead.

Get to where you want to go with confidence: Our warranty protects your investment for years of worry-free riding.

More Miles, No Emissions

We go the extra mile so you don't have to. HMP Bikes is where excellence and power meet sustainability.